Inheritance of induced molecular variation

The inheritance between the gene C*-IE7002 and the exceptional cytoplasm of Euchlaena (M.N.L. 52:35-36) has resulted in induced inheritable molecular variation, consisting of DNA increase of the knobs. The relative, and only for comparative purpose, DNA content of knobs was measured in an area of 0.1963 square micra in the central region of maximum absorption at 560 nm (Feulgen) of each knob, multiplied by their geometric area, as shown in the following table:


My hypothesis is that axial aggregation of free replicates of C*-IE7002 gene in inert position chromosomic, increases DNA in the knobs region; the hypothesis would also indicate a possible evolutionary mechanism for the origin of repetitive DNA segments of chromosomes A, B and abnormal 10 chromosome.

Luis B. Mazoti

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