Isolation of the individual constituent genes of the anthocyanin gene cluster at the R locus in R-ch

It was earlier reported (MGCNL 49:43-46, 1975) that the R region in R-ch alleles, controlling anthocyanin pigmentation in various seed and plant tissues, consists of a battery of duplicate genes each producing anthocyanin pigmentation but differing in tissue specificities which coincide with various developmental stages of the plant. Topographical maps of this region in two R-ch isolates were prepared from recombinational analysis from test cross data.

Attempts were made subsequently to isolate from the Ecuador R-ch stock, individual recombinants carrying one or more of the constituent duplicate genes of the R-ch region in each. We have been able to identify and multiply such isolates from colorless seeds from selfed ears of the G R-ch/g r-g heterozygote. These results finally confirm and establish the para-allelic nature of the constituent genes. The gene sequence and map distances for nine members, Au, Ch, Si, Nr, Lc, P, Lm, Glm and S, are as follows:

G .... S .... P 0.42 Glm 0.42 Lm 0.78 Lc 0.71 Nr 1.01 Si 0.89 Ch 1.20 Au

This sequence and map distances generally correspond to the earlier one worked out from test cross data excepting for the relative positions of Au and Si.

K. R. Sarkar and J. K. S. Sachan

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