Map position of male sterile-10

Male sterile-10 (ms10) was mapped using the marker uncovering analysis outlined by H. Roman and A. J. Ullstrup (Agron. J. 43:450). The mutant was crossed as pistillate plants with a set of B-10 translocations isolated by the writer (MGNL 46:193). Only 34 of the 37 translocations whose B10 elements carried g and r were used. Fifteen of these uncovered ms10 and 19 did not. Two of the former also uncovered zn, du, bf2 and li, one du as well as bf2 and li, and one only bf2 and li (MGNL 48:182). The data place ms10 distal to bf2 (and li) but proximal to g with 11 translocations located in the first region and 19 in the second. The translocations of the first group include TB-10L(1), TB-10L(3), TB-10L(4), TB-10L(7), TB-10L(8), TB-10L(10), TB-10L(20), TB-10L(25), TB-10L(28), TB-10L(31) and TB-10L(36). The previously established translocation TB-10La belongs to the second group, according to J. B. Beckett's data (MGNL 47:145).

Bor-yaw Lin

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