Notes on golden and brown midrib mutants

Golden: The golden segregating in F2 from one of three F1 plants from A344 x A659 (MGCNL 53:89) is allelic to golden-1.

Brown midrib-3: Seed obtained from A. N. Hume, Brookings, South Dakota and grown by me at Madison, Wisconsin in 1928 was homozygous brown midrib. One lot of seed was Hume's 35-69-24#86F4, the other was his 34-69-24#86F4. My cross with brown midrib-1 obtained from Wm. H. Eyster and with the Wisconsin brown midrib-2 (J. Amer. Soc. Agron. 24:960-963, 1932) showed it to be genetically different from both. None of the previous Maize News Letters has this information.

Other brown midrib stocks: One that was segregating in Coop 60-M14/236-2, labeled M14 gl9 + bm is allelic to bm2. Another that traces back to a cross of A188 x su la is allelic to bm1.

C. R. Burnham

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