Tests for cytoplasmic restoration of genetic male sterility

F2's from all reciprocal crosses between the seven inbreds in one group, six inbreds in another group and six inbreds in another failed to segregate for male sterility (see Maize News Letter 53:88-89 for the list of inbreds).

All except inbred A659 have been tested as female parents against male sterile-1. The yellow inbreds were crossed with y +/y ms and only F2's from ears segregating Y vs. y were grown. For Oh43 and A73, one of the two ears segregating Y vs. y and for A638 both ears segregating Y vs. y did not segregate for male sterility. These are probably from y + crossovers, rather than the result of cytoplasmic restoration, but will be tested further. For the white endosperm inbreds, only Y ms/Y + plants were available. For K55 three F2's segregated male-sterility and three did not. For C166, the six F2's did not segregate male sterility. The crosses with inbred C166 will be tested further.

White endosperm lines from several exotic bulks are being tested also against ms1. Plants that are Y ms/y + are now available for those tests.

C. R. Burnham

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