During 1979, the Maize Genetic Stock Center received 105 seed requests. The number of seed requests decreased by 12 percent compared to 1978. Seventy-seven percent of the requests were domestic and twenty-three percent foreign. The categories of seed requests were as follows: maize geneticists 52%, maize breeders 19%, plant physiologists 23%, and educational 13%. A total of 950 seed packets were sent to fill these requests.

Each year a number of allele tests are made with genetic stocks carrying unknown loci. These cultures occur in the stock collection or are sent in by maize geneticists or breeders. The unknown culture is tested and if allelic to an already known loci the culture is usually added to the collection. The following is a list of some of the allele tests conducted over the past several years:

Chromosome 1
ad*-3047 (Funk) = ad1
ts*-8135 (Funk) = ts2
gs*-PI262495 = gs
bm*-PI267186 = bm2

Chromosome 2
gl*-61-554 = gl3
wt*-A188 = wt

Chromosome 4
bm*-73-2832 = bm3
la*-1087 (Funk) = la
la*-1081 (Funk) = la
la*-2482 (Funk) = la
la*-PI239110 = la
O*-RYDALex = fl2
su-am*-68M85-1 = su-am

Chromosome 5
bm*-68M62-12 = bm
bm*-PI251009 = bm
bm*-PI251942 = bm
bm*-PI267186 = bm
ys*74-1924 = ys
ys*-Bell = ys
nec*-69-840-3 = nec3

Chromosome 6
y*-73-2262 (Funk) = y

Chromosome 10
g*-PI251942 = g
g*-PI262473 = g
sr*65-2239 = sr2
w*-Burnham = w2

zn*68M168 = zn2
gs*PI262485 * gs; * gs2

Requests for stocks and correspondence relative to the stock center should be addressed to:

Dr. R. J. Lambert
Department of Agronomy
S-118 Turner Hall
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801

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