Linkage studies to locate whp

E. H. Coe and S. McCormick (MNL 53:29) have reported that a new locus, whp, acting as a duplicate factor with c2, causes sand-white, plump, non-functional pollen to be shed. TB lines have been or are being converted to either +/+, C2/c2 or +/+, c2/c2 constitution for crossing to a uniform strain that is whp/whp and either C2/c2 or c2/c2.

The first observations of critical crosses were done this past summer. Plants grown from colorless kernels derived from valid TB males were classified for hypoploids by greater than 50% pollen abortion and/or by gross plant phenotype.

Since all hypoploids scored shed yellow pollen, whp does not appear to be located on any of the following chromosome arm segments:
Arm segment Total no. plants scored No. of hypoploid plants
1La 109 15
3Sb 104 26
3La 38 11
4Sa 162 17
5La 190 34
6Lc 163 64
7Lb 155 37
8La 69 10
9Sb 106 14
9Lc 28 5

The tests are continuing.

S. A. Modena and E. H. Coe

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