Linkage of several isozyme loci on chromosome 3

A five-point testcross involving 4 previously described isozyme loci (e.g., M. M. Goodman, C. W. Stuber, K. J. Newton and H. H. Weissinger, Genetics, in press, November 1980) has established that Me, Got1 and Pgd2 are linked to Mdh3, which has been localized to the long arm of chromosome 3 (K. J. Newton and D. Schwartz, Genetics 95:425-442, 1980).The data also suggest (Table 1) that a fifth locus, an esterase locus (probably E8), may also belong to the same linkage group, although the esterase localization needs further confirmation. In this cross, there was approximately 39% recombination between the esterase locus and Pgd2. This suggests that E8 might be located in the short arm of chromosome 3.

Table 1.

M. M. Goodman, C. W. Stuber and K. J. Newton

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