Iojap crosses

In the 1979 nursery iojap plants grown from the Illinois Seed Stock line were crossed as males (pollinators) to the following inbreds as females: SD10, 0h51A, CO107, R181, and W182BN. The F1 (Ij ij) hybrids were selfed in the 1979-80 Winter nursery in Florida. Segregating iojap plants (ij ij) were backcrossed as females to SD10, 0h51A, CO107, IllR181, and W182BN as males. Plants from this BC1 generation will be observed in Florida and a BC2 is planned for the New York nursery in 1981. The inbreds were selected as strong non-restorers of cytoplasmic sterility in the S, C, and T cytoplasmic groups. All BC generations will be carefully checked for manifestations of cytoplasmic pollen sterility.

H. Everett

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