A new hybrid between Zea diploperennis and Zea perennis

In the Instituto Fitotécnico de Santa Catalina a new hybrid, Zea diploperennis (2n = 20) x Zea perennis (2n = 40) with 2n = 40 was obtained. When Zea diploperennis is used as female hybrids are easy to get. In that case near 60% of the grains are hybrid, with 90% fertility. In reciprocal crosses, using Zea perennis as female the results were negative in most cases, since just one hybrid grain was obtained. Plants originating from the cross Zea diploperennis x Zea perennis are either semicreeping or erect, have a strong root system and short, thick rhizomes and look very vigorous. A mean of 25 tillers per plant 3 months from planting was found. The only plant from the reciprocal cross is more erect with leaves tending to roll. This leaf character is not found in the parent species. The differences between reciprocal crosses may be due to either cytoplasmic interactions or differential gametic viability.

Maria del Carmen Molina

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