In the 1980 MNL 54:80-84, we (K. Shimamoto and O. Nelson) reported the translocation of various radioactive (14C) compounds into seeds being grown in vitro. Table 1 (page 81) of that report gives erroneous estimates of the specific activity (cpm/nmol) of the labelled compounds in the growth medium. There is a constant error of 106. The correct specific activities (cpm/nmol) are sucrose, 3.8; fructose, 3.7 x 105; leucine 1.1 x 105; phenylalanine, 9.6 x 105; proline, 5.7 x 105; adenine, 1.1 x 105; thymine, 1.1 x 105; thiamine, 3.9 x 104; nicotinic acid, 1.2 x 105.

Oliver Nelson

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