Seedling mutants l*-Blandy3 and l*-Blandy3drk: A clarification

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion with regard to the mutants l*-Blandy3, l*-Blandy3drk and l*-Blandy4. Stocks of l*-Blandy3 and l*-Blandy4 originally came from the Blandy Experimental Farm, Virginia. Mutant l*-Blandy3 is a medium yellow seedling mutant with some greening observed in older seedlings, l*-Blandy3drk is a mutant that occurred in stocks of l*-Blandy3 and l*-Blandy4 is a dark yellow luteus mutant. Seedlings of l*-Blandy3drk differed from l*-Blandy3 seedlings in that the former are much darker yellow. Originally l*-Blandy3drk was thought to be a dark yellow allele of l*-Blandy3, hence the symbol l*-Blandy3drk. Allele tests, however, showed that it was not allelic to l*-Blandy3. P. Mascia and D. S. Robertson (J. Hered. 71:19-24, 1980) established that it is allelic to l*-Blandy4, located on the short arm of chromosome 5. It is possible that the original l*-Blandy3drk was the result of contamination because the two lines were grown in close proximity for several generations. The mutant l*-Blandy3 is known to be on chromosome 6 (Robertson, MNL 47:82-87, 1973). The symbol l15 has recently been assigned to l*-Blandy3. There is a second allele at this locus, l15-Brawn.

Donald S. Robertson

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