About 850 copies of this issue will be sent to research workers, laboratories and libraries around the world. The costs of preparation, reproduction and mailing as well as office support are borne by the U. S. Department of Agriculture in the facilities of the University of Missouri. This support and encouragement is of course indispensable, and we are all grateful for it.

50 years ago, during 1931, no cooperation materials appear to have been promulgated (see chronologies in MNL 50:2-4 and 52:146).

The questionnaire of November 5, 1980, about the News Letter, the Stock Center, and cooperation has been summarized (by unanticipated effort and in undue haste) for this issue.

Zealand 1981 summarizes new factors and linkage data for the current year.

The Stock Center is again supported and functioning through interim funding from the U.S.D.A. by Cooperative Agreement with the University of Illinois. Dr. Lambert will serve as interim Director of the Stock Center while arrangements are being made to relieve him of these responsibilities as he has requested.

A limited supply of wall-size reproductions of the linkage map, with locus names, has been made available through the efforts and generosity of W. F. Sheridan. Copies will be sent upon request to Coe at the University of Missouri.

Back issues of No. 30 (1956) to date will be sent upon request; a microfilm of volumes 1-29 and 33 is available for $9.50 U.S.; checks should be made out to E. H. Coe, Jr.

Airmail service to addresses outside the U.S. will be provided for $3.00 if received by January 1st.

The deadline for the next issue is January 1, 1982; see inside front cover.

The encouragement and support of my colleagues continues and is most appreciated. The work has also been aided by the efforts of willing and enthusiastic participants: Stephen Modena, Kathryn Kind and Christopher Browne in various tasks; Manjit Kang in programming and other computer developments. Shirley Kowalewski, in addition to handling the year's office load (correspondence, publications, mailing list and such) with enthusiasm, has invented some pictorials for our edification. Mary Nelson once again has been composition specialist, guardian of accuracy, efficiency and clarity, and producer of final copy, with her accustomed tenacity and spirit.

E. H. Coe, Geneticist, USDA-SEA-AR; Professor of Agronomy

Curtis Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 65211

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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