III. Zealand 1981

This list is based on new data reported in the current Recent Maize Publications (author, year) and in the Reports from Cooperators (name, 55). Recombination percentages and notes show genetic locations; new alleles and new loci are listed with descriptive words. Nonstandard symbols, overlaps of symbols, or differences in interpretation are identified by * preceding the symbol. Listings of organelle-genome designations and localizations have not yet been attempted, more because of the difficulty in defining firm standards for nomenclature and for mapping than because of any lack of solid data and observations [Applicants for open seats on the Extranuclear Regulatory Commission should send their reprints and suggestions to Zealand, 210 Curtis Hall, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211]. I accept responsibility for any errors and misses, and call upon your enthusiastic corrections and new observations.


Adh1-C-70-86 allele induced with EMS by D. Schwartz --Birchler, 1980

Adh1 between T1-3(5476) and T1-3(5242), 1L.66-.90; between T1-3(5267) and T1-3(5242), 1L.72-.90; between T1-8(6766) and T1-8(5821), 1L.54-.65?; between T1-7(4891) and T1-7(5693), 1L.12-.92; between T1-8b and T1-8(6697), 1L.59-.89; order T1-10d (1L.50) - T1-10(8375)(1L.69) - T1-10(001-3)(1L.86) - Adh1; Adh1 uncovered by TB-1La-3L5242 (1L.20-.90) but not by TB-1La-5S8041 (1L.20-.80) and others, located between 1L.80-.90; most probably located 1L.86-.89 --Birchler, 1980

Ahd1 mutants induced by EMS from the FCm allele (FBm, FSm, SCm, UCm, F, Cm) arose independently in each of the two subunits of proposed duplication --Birchler &, 1979

*sMdh1 7.6+ 2.1 Amp1; alleles -s1, -s5 --McMillin &, 1980

mmm TB-1La, TB-1La-3L5267 and TB-1La-5S8041 locate; mmm 27.5 Adh1 --Newton &, 1980

Mdh4 TB-1La and TB-1La-5S8041 locate; Mdh4 28.9 Adh1; Mdh4 alleles -D12, -E12, -D14.5 --Newton &, 1980

Cat2 TB-1Sb locates; TB-1Sb-2L4464 does not; alleles -Z, -P --Roupakias &, 1980

Cat3 TB-1La locates; TB-1La-5S8041 does not; alleles -A, -B --Roupakias &, 1980

Amp1 replaces LapA; alleles -F, -S, -V --Vodkin &, 1980

Car1 37 Cat2 --Scandalios &, 1980

Amp2 replaces LapD; alleles -F, -S --Vodkin &, 1980

dek1 E792; replaces clf and gay; uncovered by TB-1Sb --Neuffer &, 55

dek2 E1315A; uncovered by TB-1La --Neuffer &, 55


dek3 E1289; uncovered by TB-3La-2S6270 --Neuffer &, 55

dek4 E1024A; uncovered by TB-1Sb-2L4464 --Neuffer &, 55

Tp-Trip9 segment transfer to 2S --Galinat, 55


Mdh3 TB-3La, TB-3Lc, TB-3Ld, TB-1La-3L5267 locate; alleles -C16, -C18 Mdh3 2.6 sh2 --Newton &, 1980

vp1 uncovered by TB-3Ld but not by TB-3Lc --Beckett, 55

dek5 E874A; uncovered by TB-3Sb --Neuffer &, 55

dek6 E627D; uncovered by TB-3La --Neuffer &, 55

Est (prob. E8) 38.9+4.1 Pgd2 23.6+3.5 Got1 5.6+1.9 Me 20.8+3.4 Mdh3 --Goodman &, 55


zein hybridization sites for mRNA or cDNA in 4L proximal portion and 4L distal --Viotti &, 1980

dek7 E211C; uncovered by TB-4Sa --Neuffer &, 55

dek8 E1156A; uncovered by TB-4L(?) --Neuffer &, 55

Ga9 failure to verify locus --Ashman, 55

lte1? latente (see de Miranda, 55); association of evergreen stalk trait with Su from Z. diploperennis --Galinat, 55


l*-Blandy4 uncovered by TB-1La-5S8041; alleles -EMS1, -Blandy3drk --Mascia &, 1980

*sMdh2 4.5+1.9 Cat1; alleles -s8, -s0, -s4, -s1 --McMillin &, 1980

Cat1 9.1 bt, Cat1 5 Amy2, Cat1 3 Amp3, Cat1 unc by TB-1La-5S8041 --Roupakias &, 1980

Cat1 alleles -F, -K, -M, -S, -V, -V' --Scandalios, 1980

zein hybridization sites for mRNA or cDNA in 5L distal portion --Viotti &, 1980

K5L stained by banding methods in mitosis --Ward, 1980

Amp3 replaces LapC; alleles -F, -S, -I, -V --Vodkin &, 1980

Mdh5 TB-1La-5S8041 locates; alleles -PF, -E12 Mdh5 19.7 a2 --Newton &, 1980

dek9 E1365; uncovered by TB-5La --Neuffer &, 55

Inv5L in Z. diploperennis --Pasupuleti &, 55


Mdh2 trisomic 6, TB-6Lb and TB-6Lc locate; allele -null --Newton &, 1980

Enp1 replaces Ep1; alleles -A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -O --Vodkin &, 1980

dek10 E1176A; uncovered by TB-6Lb --Neuffer &, 55

l15 replaces l*-Blandy3; allele -Brawn --Robertson, 55

T1-6(6189) 6SNORhet.10 has 21% of rDNA proximal to break --Phillips &, 55

T6-9d 6SNORhet.46 40% "

T4-6(4341) 6SNORhet.50 47% "

T2-6(8786) 6SNORhet.88 68% "

T6-10(5519) 6SNORhet.90 70% "

T1-6(8415) 6SNORsec.constr.prox. 70% "

T3-6(030-8) " 70% "

T1-6(4986-7) " 71% "

T5-6f 6SNORsec.constr.midway 78% "

T1-6(5495) 6SNORsec.constr.prox. 79% "

T4-6Li " 79% "

T2-6(5419) 6SNORsec.constr.midway 90% "

T6-7(035-3) " 91% "

T4-6(7328) 6Ssat. 100% "

T2-6(001-15) 6Ssat. 100% "

T1-6d 6S.74(bet. cent. & NOR) 0% "


Zp1 3.7+0.9 vp9 9.0+1.4 o2 --Soave &, 1979

Zp2 " " "

Zp3 " " "

Zp21 0 o2 9.0+1.4 vp9 --Soave &, 1979

Zp29 " " "

Zp6 linked to Zp21, Zp29 --Soave &, 1979

Zp16 linked to Zp1, Zp2, Zp3 --Soave &, 1979

De*-30 5 o2 --Soave &, 1979

zein Hybridization sites for mRNA or cDNA in 7S --Viotti &, 1980

K7L stained by banking methods in mitosis --Ward, 1980

dek11 E788; uncovered by TB-7Lb --Neuffer &, 55


Mdh1 association with wx T8-9d and wx T8-9(6673); alleles -A1, -A6 --Newton &, 1980


K9S stained by banding methods in mitosis --Ward, 1980

wx no amylose alleles -B3 (Mp mutation), -C31, -R, -90 produce Wx protein --Echt &, 55

intermediate alleles -m-8 (Spm mutation); -a; -S5 (two revertants from -m- 1, Ds mutation) produce Wx protein --Echt &, 55

alleles -90, -C31, -R produce altered Wx-protein --Echt &, 55

no-amylose alleles -m1 (Ds mutation), -m-6 (Ds), -I, -P60, -BL3 and others lack Wx protein --Echt &, 55

sh-bz-x1 deficiency probably includes C1 but does not include Yg2 --Coe, 55

dek12 E873; uncovered by TB-9Sb --Neuffer &, 55

dek13 E744; uncovered by TB-9Lc --Neuffer &, 55

Inv9S in Z. diploperennis --Pasupuleti &, 55


l*1039 allelic to oy --Mascia &, 1980

l*-1040 uncovered by TB-10Sc; allelic to oy --Mascia &, 1980

l13 uncovered by TB-10L19; alleles l*Neuffer2(E59) and l*-1050 --Mascia &, 1980

39.4 T5-10(4384) --Mascia &, 1980

18.3 T5-10(5358) --Mascia &, 1980

G 14.0+1.7 R 30.2+2.3 l13 4.5+1.0 sr2 --Mascia &, 1980

zein hybridization sites for mRNA or cDNA in distal portion of 10L --Viotti &, 1980

K10 large knob and prominent chromomeres stained by banding methods in mitosis --Ward, 1980

Df-K10 (C), (F) and (I) terminal deficiencies lack W2 and Sr2 --Rhoades &, 55

(H) and (K) terminal deficiencies lack Sr2 but carry W2 --Rhoades &, 55

cytological extent of (C) and (I) greater than (F), (H) and (K) --Rhoades &, 55

Male transmission of (C) and (I) zero; of (F) greater than (H) and (K) --Rhoades &, 55

l2 not expressed in DfK10(H) and (K) homozygotes; stock has been lost, suggest replacement with l13 on map (per Mascia), 4.5 to left of sr2 --Rhoades &, 55

R 1.4 DfK10(F) over N10 --Rhoades &, 55

5 DfK10(C) over K10 --Rhoades &, 55

16 DfK10(H) or (K) over K10 --Rhoades &, 55

o7 not included in DFK10(F); order most likely R o7 w2 sr2 --Rhoades &, 55

dek14 E1435; uncovered by TB-10Sc --Neuffer &, 55

dek15 E1422A; uncovered by TB-10L19 --Neuffer &, 55

TB-10Lb approx. breakpoints 10L.1, BL.8 --Kowles &, 55


centric heterochromatin (but not distal heterochromatin) stained by banding methods in mitosis --Ward, 1980


Rf4 restorer of C cytoplasm --Gracen, 1979

oro alleles oro-4889, oro-8081, oro-6474, oro-64-4589-4 --Mascia &, 1980

l*-4923 not allelic to oro or oro2 or sienna-yelnec --Mascia &, 1980

sienna-yelnec not allelic to oro or oro2 --Mascia &, 1980

Orom orobanche modifier --Mascia &, 1980

de*B1 defective endosperm --Manzocchi &, 1980

de*-B3, -B6, -B18, -B21, -B22, -B34, -B37, -B40, -B50, -B68, -B69, -B70, -B116, -B125, -B127, -B246 --Manzocchi &, 1980

Amp4 replaces LapB; alleles -F, -S --Vodkin &, 1980

Uq replaces Ub; ubiquitous controlling element --Friedmann &, 55

Ti tunicate inhibitor --Camara-H. &, 55

btn1 brittle node --Kang, 55

Px7 alleles -F, -S, -null --Liu &, 55

sfa1, sfa2 suppressor of floury-a; complementary pair --Magoja, 55

o9 replaces ox-74120; opaque endosperm crown --Nelson, 55

o10 replaces ox-7747; E-1356; opaque endosperm --Nelson, 55

o11 replaces ox-7455; opaque endosperm --Nelson, 55

o12 replaces ox-7638; opaque endosperm, chlorophyll-deficient --Nelson, 55

o13 replaces ox-7729; opaque endosperm --Nelson, 55

lp lethal pollen (Carangal MS thesis) --Nelson, 55

AR factorial constitutions sufficient to give observed phenomenon --Nelson, 55

whp not uncovered by TB-1La, -3Sb, -3La, -4Sa, -5La, -6Lc, -7Lb, -8La, -9Sb, -9Lc --Modena &, 55

mei allelism to dv, ms43 and ms28 is indicated; other tests inter se are negative --Golubovskaya &, 55

ms4 allelism to po is indicated --Golubovskaya &, 55

dsy not allelic to dsy2, as or afd --Golubovskaya &, 55

pam not allelic to pam2 --Golubovskaya &, 55

dep defective pistils --Micu, 55

dib dichotomously branched --Micu, 55

tl absence of tassel --Micu, 55

Ht3 H. Turcicum resistance (chlorotic lesion); independent of Ht1 and Ht2 --Hooker, 55

Lost and Found

The following have been listed previously as lost, without response to the contrary: Chrom. 1: ag, ga6, pa, Ts3, v19, zl; Chrom. 2: rp7; Chrom. 3: pg2; Chrom. 4: de1, de16, lo1, sp1; Chrom. 5: tn1; Chrom. 9: bp; Chrom. 10: l2, l8, sp2; Unplaced: bl, de17, gm, lu2, Pu1, Pu2, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, so1, so2, wl --Cooperators

sy was listed as lost (MNL 54); anticipate recovery from crosses --Beckett

y8 is it lost? --Beckett

Help Wanted

*E5-I, E5-II nonconforming symbols

Cytoplasms standards for designations of "cma", "N", "cytopl", etc. are not keeping pace with new knowledge

Nomenclature specifications of alleles (especially for isozymes) is falling behind our ability to make discriminations among "isoalleles" differing in strain of origin, isolation number, etc.

Assembled by

Prof Ligate


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