Isozyme (allozyme) genotypes for 406 publicly available inbred lines

In an earlier report (MGNL 55:126, 1981) we reported that a compilation of the isozyme genotypes for 342 inbred lines of corn was available from our laboratory. We have assayed an additional 64 lines and are including a complete listing of the data for the 406 lines as Table 1.

In Table 1, designations used for the alleles are those used in our laboratory scoring. Alleles at a locus are ordered by their relative migration distances. For the MDH loci, larger numbers correspond to greater anodal migration. For the other loci, larger numbers correspond to slower migration. The symbol N denotes a recessive null allele. The column with the heading "MMM" denotes the presence or absence of an allele that affects the migration distance of the mitochondrial MDH bands. An M in this column denotes the presence of a rarely found recessive migration modifier allele at this locus, whereas a blank in this column denotes the usually found dominant allele at this locus.

Because most lines are homozygous, we have listed only a single number at each locus. For those lines that are segregating at one or more loci, the most commonly found allele is shown followed by an asterisk (*). Also, in a few cases where the locus was not fixed, two equally frequent alleles were found. In these cases, the alleles are followed by an ampersand (&) and the line is listed twice as (A) and (B) versions of the line.

Table 1, Table 1 (continued), Table 1 (continued), Table 1 (continued), Table 1 (continued)

C. W. Stuber and M. M. Goodman

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