Relationships between husk number and several characters in dent maize hybrids

Simple correlations between husk number and several characters in 63 dent maize single cross hybrids (450-600 FAO maturity) grown in performance trials in 1981, as well as simple correlations between husk number of the hybrids and husk number of their parent inbreds are estimated. Average husk number varies from 6.6 to 14.3 (9.4 mean) in hybrids studied, from 7 to 18 (9.2 mean) in female, and from 6 to 14 (9.2 mean) in male inbred parents.

Significant correlations are established between husk number and stalk node number from the soil surface to the ear (r = -.80***), and between husk number and number of days from planting to silking of the hybrids (r = .37**). Simple correlation coefficients estimated in 1981 between husk number and ear diameter (.37**), kernel row number (.49**), ear height from the soil surface (-.64***), and kernel moisture percent at harvest time (.12) are similar to those estimated in 1979, r = .38**, .27*, -.23, and .11, respectively (Georgiev and Mouhtanov, 1980, Genetics and Plant Breeding, n. 3, p. 180-190, Sofia).

Husk number in hybrids correlates better to the husk number mean of the two inbred parents (r = .65***), than to the husk number of the female (r = .48**) and male inbreds (r = .36**).

The above data may be useful for maize breeders in improvement of the kernel drying rate in new hybrids.

Illia Iv. Mouhtanov and Trifon M. Georgiev

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