Influence of genetic background on callus culture

Working with 60 inbreds for callus induction from mature embryos, callus growth rate and morphogenetic response, large genotype differences were found. In the study normal inbreds and their mutant analogs were used. The analogs included endosperm mutants o2, sh2, su1, su2, fl1, fl2, wx, du, ae and morphogenic mutants br2 and rd. Proliferation of callus from scutellum, mesocotyl and root was found. The origin of callus strongly depended on the genotype. The callus induction and growth rate depended more on genetic background than on the mutant. The decreased growth potential of mutant analogs was not manifested in callus culture, although it was found in embryo culture (unpublished results). The differences in callus growth rate were not even found in mutant analogs br2 and rd, which reduce the height of the intact plant.

F. J. Novak,* M. Nesticky, A. Piovarci, M. Dolezelova*

*Institute of Experimental Botany, CSAV Olomouc

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