Selection for male sterile versions of A632 in Pr-cytoplasm

Selection for stable male sterile versions of Minn A632 in Pr-cytoplasm has resulted in an increase in the number of fully male sterile plants in the population. After seven generations of selection, 91% of the plants in the population exserted no anthers (Table 2). Moreover, most of those plants which fell into the 2-3 group were functionally sterile. They exserted only a few malformed anthers 7 to 14 days after silking. Many of the exserted anthers contained no pollen.

Some of the selected families exserted no anthers in the winter nursery in Florida during 1980-81 or when grown at Aurora, NY in 1981. Those families seem quite stable and it may be possible to select for lines which are fully male sterile under most environmental conditions.

Table 2.

W. F. Tracy, H. L. Everett and V. E. Gracen

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