Newly originated mutable alleles of the c2 locus

Because of the establishment, by Dooner (Genetics 94:29, 1980), of the relation of c2 to chalcone synthase, impetus was given to rescue En-related c2-mutable alleles. Five c2-mutable alleles have been found and confirmed. They are as follows, with patterns according to time and frequency of c2 to C2 mutation events (late displays a fine, and early a coarse pattern):

c2-m826019 a very fine type, similar to a2-m41629 (Peterson, Genetics, 1976);

c2-m826021 very fine type, similar to a2-m41629;

c2-m826040 fine, but low-rate type;

c2-m826134 early sectors at a very low rate (coarse);

c2-m826204 early sectors at a high rate.

In addition, a number of stable c2 alleles (826116, 826126, 826133, 816149, 816154, 816155) were uncovered. These mutants, both the c2-mutables and c2 stables, are currently being identified as to system relationship (En, Ac, Dt, Fcu and Bg). Though there is a strong possibility that these (or some of them) are En-related as in past searches (Peterson 1978), there are instances that, although the search was in an En-related plot, other systems may be involved.

The five c2-mutable alleles appeared at the rate of approximately one in 2.5 x 10-5.

Peter A. Peterson

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