Newly originated mutable alleles at the bz locus

Again, with the relationship of bz to UDP-glucose 3-0-glucosyltransferase (Larson and Coe, 1968, Proc. XII Int. Congr. Genet. 1:131; Dooner and Nelson, 1977, Biochem. Genet. 15:509) a search was made for unstable bz alleles. bz-m805l37 has previously been uncovered and is currently being genetically analyzed.

Two additional bz-m alleles have been found. These are: bz-m826301 (fine, very high rate and seemingly autonomous) and bz-m826302 (fine, high frequency).

In addition, four stable bz alleles have been confirmed: 826357, 826361, 826440.

The frequency of recovery of bz-m is considerably less than the case with c2. The rate here is approximately one in 6 x 10-5. System relationship tests are currently underway.

Peter A. Peterson

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