Evidence for additional 6-PGD loci in maize

In an earlier communication (MGCNL 54:99) we reported that two loci, Pgd1 and Pgd2, encoded the 6-phosphogluconate isozymes found in maize. From studies based primarily on coleoptiles and roots, these isozymes appear to reside in the cytoplasm. We have recently observed the existence of additional 6-PGD isozyme bands in extracts from leaf tissues. Although these new isozymes have not been studied extensively, the banding patterns suggest possibly two additional loci. The finding of 6-PGD isozymes localized both in the cytosol and, now, possibly with leaf plastids would be expected because 6-PGD isozymes have been found in both sites in several other plant species.

C. W. Stuber and M. M. Goodman

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