a3 - shrunken linkage

A plant segregating a shrunken phenotype 'appeared' in our a3 stocks and gave the following segregation values on self-pollination and backcrossing to a3 (all plants A A):

A3 sh/a3 Sh selfed-- 3 A3/- sh sh : 9 A3/- Sh sh : 2 A3/- Sh Sh : 3 a3 a3 Sh sh : 3 a3 a3 Sh Sh

a3 a3 Sh Sh x A3 sh/a3 Sh-- 8 a3 Sh/a3 Sh: 1 a3 Sh/a3 sh: 6 A3 sh/a3 Sh : 4 A3 Sh/a3 Sh

The data indicate approximately 26% recombination between a3 and the shrunken locus. We assume that the shrunken is shrunken-2 and have made crosses with a for confirmation.

E. Derek Styles

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