nec4, a new necrotic mutant on 2S

In the search for recessive alleles at the Les loci, necrotic mutants which are in Neuffer's M2 collection and placed on chromosome arms containing Les loci are being mapped. One such mutant, nec*-5168, was located on the short arm of chromosome 2, which also contains Les1. This-mutant germinates into a luteus seedling which rapidly becomes necrotic starting at the tip of the leaf. Seedlings never mature past the 2-3 leaf stage. Backcross linkage data from the cross of + + nec*-516B b/lg gl2 + b x lg gl2 + b gave recombinational values of lg - 22 - gl2 - 4 - nec*-516B - 22 - B (94 plants). With the low number of progeny tested, it is impossible to rule out that nec*-516B could be 4 units distal to gl2 (between lg and gl2). Further tests with lg gl2 d5 B stocks are underway. It is proposed that nec*-516B be designated nec4 in keeping with the accepted nomenclature.

David Hoisington and M. G. Neuffer

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