Location and allelism of golden-2

In MNL 53:24-25, 1979, I reported data showing that golden-2 (g2), which current maps indicated as being on chromosome 7, was not on that chromosome. Subsequently, plants of 92 (source: Coop. 64-169) were crossed by a set of B-A translocations. g2 was found to be uncovered by TB-3Sb, indicating that it lies in the distal portion of the short arm of chromosome 3. Since Beckett (J. Hered. 69:27-36, 1978) reported that TB-3Sb uncovers cl but not rt, and since these two genes are only two map units apart on 3S, it follows that g2 must lie distal to them. Two and three point linkage tests with other genes on this arm are in progress.

Golden-2 has proven to be allelic to mutants of similar phenotype received from others. A stock of pale green mutable (pg-m), later designated pg14, of P. A. Peterson's En system (received from him in 1973) had white culms as well as pale green leaves. Crosses of this stock with g2 indicated allelism. Beckett, Coe and Neuffer (MNL 47:147-148, 1973) found a new golden trait in an a3 Coop. stock. They designated it as g5 and found it to be uncovered by TB-3Sb. Beckett (MNL 52:79, 1978) reported that g5 was allelic to pg14. Crosses of g2 with g5 that segregated out of an a3 stock sent to me by Coe indicated allelism.

As golden-2 was first described in 1926 by M. T. Jenkins (Amer. Nat. 60:484-488), the symbol g2 has priority over pg14 and g5.

R. H. Whalen

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