A new gene, Tpm1: thylakoid polypeptide modifier

This is a preliminary report of a new gene, designated Tpm1, an acronym for "thylakoid polypeptide modifier." The gene acts to modify the migrational mobility value of a specific peripheral protein of the chloroplast thylakoid on a density gradient SDS Laemmli gel. The dominant allele, Tpm1, conditions a higher apparent molecular weight ("slow") than the recessive ("fast") allele, tpm1. With caution I say that the relationship is dominant/recessive, since I have not yet definitively separated a mechanical mixture of the two forms. I have no information concerning chromosomal location.

The two alleles of this gene are prevalent throughout Zea: the domesticated maizes as well as the teosintes. The following typical data indicate Mendelian inheritance:


As soon as I have assayed an increase of my pedigreed seed, I will deposit in the Co-op type-sources: B68 (Tpm1/Tpm1), B84 (tpm1/tpm1), and the F1 of those inbreds. After June 1, 1983 a detailed protocol of materials preparation and specific recipes for the gel conditions required to detect and differentiate Tpml vs. tpm1 will be available upon request to: Stephen A. Modena, c/o E. H. Coe, 210 Curtis Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211.

Stephen A. Modena

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