The close linkage between floury-3 and pro

It has been reported previously that the location of floury-3 (fl3) is on chromosome 8 and that the gene order is fl3 v16 ms8 j (MNL 53:56, 1979). We have also known that fl3 is not allelic to pro-A342 (an allele of pro found by E. H. Coe, localized to chromosome 8), but that the two loci are closely linked. The pro-A342 mutant is homozygous lethal.

We now have a better estimate of recombination frequency derived from the following set of crosses. Plants that were + fl3/+ + were crossed by pro +/+ The floury seeds were planted, and those plants heterozygous for pro were identified by test crosses. All plants in the F1 progeny were crossed by a + +/+ +; su/su male. The nonfloury seeds from a plant that was + fl3/pro + were planted and the resulting plants selfed. Of the 64 selfed plants, 63 were segregating both for pro and for su. The remaining plant segregated for su but not pro. This leads to an estimate of 1.6 percent recombination between fl3 and pro.

Oliver E. Nelson, Jr.

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