Location of the Px3 locus to chromosome seven by monosomic analysis

Several different isozymic variants are known for the Px3 locus. R/r-X1 plants which contained a slow allele of the Px3 locus were crossed by Mangelsdorf's multiple chromosome tester which was homozygous recessive for marker alleles on all 10 maize chromosomes, was r/r, and also contained a fast allele of the Px3 locus. The corresponding dominant marker alleles were present in the female deficiency-bearing parent. Diploid F1 progeny and most monosomic types displayed two bands on acrylamide gels while plants monosomic for chromosome 7 (identified by the glossy marker mutation) contained only the rapidly-migrating band. Clearly, the Px3 locus is located on chromosome 7. Details of procedures used to generate and identify monosomics in maize are given in Weber, 1982, pp. 79-83 in Maize for Biological Research, W. F. Sheridan, ed. (Supported in part by DOE Contract 79EV02121.)

David Weber and J. L. Brewbaker

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