To Maize Geneticists :-

If you have any good tester combinations you wish to send in so that they may be made available for the whole group or if there is any combination of genes you would like to have, will you please notify us here at Cornell so that we may list your contributions and wants in the corn-letter which will come out in the near future. January 1st has been set as the dead line for receipt of material to be included In the letter. Will you please cooperate with us so that we can make this cooperative affair a real service to all concerned.

--M. M. Rhoades, December 12. 1932

Over 950 copies of this 1983 issue, MNL 57, will be sent to cooperators and colleagues around the world. Funds for preparation, reproduction and mailing are provided by the U. S. Department of Agriculture through a grant to the Maize Genetics Stock Center at the University of Illinois. Office support from the U. S. D. A. covers year-round needs, in facilities provided by the University of Missouri. The support and encouragement from these sources is indispensable, and we are all grateful for it.

I appreciate the valuable help of Ming-Tang Chang, Christine Curtis, Rodney Higgins and Bryan Kindiger with proofing of copy. Robert Bird, David Hoisington and Scott Poethig also helped with proofing and with planning of parts. Thanks especially to Stephen Modena for contributing essential ideas and aid in the enhancement of Zealand (as also to Larry Darrah), for developing our new, comprehensive indexing routines for symbols and names, and for help with proofing. Kathryn Chappell and Christopher Browne helped with library, mockup and other vital tasks. Shirley Kowalewski ardently handled the office load through the year. including especially the compilation and typing of the list of Recent Maize Publications. and applied exuberant skill to editing of the copy before typing. I accept responsibility, however, for whatever flaws may be present. The final copy, carefully and tastefully typed as always, was composed, refined and made accurate and attractive by Mary Nelson.

Some new publications of interest:

Coe, E. H., D. A. Hoisington and M. G. Neuffer, 1982. Linkage map of corn (maize) (Zea mays L.). Pp. 377-393 in Genetic Maps, vol. 2. S. J. O'Brien, ed., National Cancer Institute, Frederick, Maryland.

Sheridan, W. F., ed., 1982. Maize for Biological Research. Plant Molecular Biology Association, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Back issues of News Letter No. 30 (1956) to date will be sent upon request; a microfilm of volumes 1-29 and 33 is available for $9.50 U.S.; orders should be sent to Coe at the University of Missouri and checks should be made out to Maize Genetics.

Airmail service to addresses outside the U.S. will be provided for $3.00 if received by January 1st.

The deadline for the next issue (number 58, 1984) is January 1, 1984. Reports submitted normally should consist of information bearing on genetic understanding or genetic manipulation of maize. Brief items containing specific data, specific observations, and specific methods are of most value. Communications are received and assembled with minimum editing.

Please double space the text; text copy will be retyped.

Tables, figures and charts should be compact, single-spaced, and ready for direct copying by the camera.

References should be incorporated in the text, abbreviated but including initials to facilitate indexing.

E. H. Coe, Geneticist, USDA-ARS, and

Professor of Agronomy, Curtis Hall, Univ. of

Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 65211

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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