This is an extraction of new data reported in the current list of Recent Maize Publications (author, year) and in the Reports from Cooperators in this issue of the News Letter (author, 57:page). Genetic locations are given with recombination percentages when available; the source should be consulted for standard errors and other factors that affect the precision of the numbers. New alleles and new loci are also listed, as are, for the first time, a few genomic clones. Studies that contribute to the genetic structure of chloroplasts (ctDNA) and mitochondria (mtDNA) are cited without attempting to make a synthesis of the information; this is the first attempt to compile these reports. Finally, studies that contribute to definition of the inheritance of "resistance" and "tolerance" are cited, again for the first time. Comments, suggestions, corrections and ideas would be most welcome.

--Prof. Ligate

Chromosome 1

Adh1 allele -2F11 contains a 2kb insert (Ds?) and displays Kn1 phenotype --Hake, 57:11

Adh1 allele -S3034 contains a 1.35kb insert, designated Mu1; restriction sites for XbrI, Sau3A, AvaI, BstNI, PstI, SstII, AvaII, HindIII --Freeling &, 57:13

Adh1 allele -S3034x1; locations of inserts relative to intron, in Mu-induced alleles -S3034, - S3034a, -S3034b --Alleman &, 57:157

Adh1 cDNA, restriction map of Hinf, SalI, HindIII, Dde, Sau3A, TaqI sites; base sequence for 168 C00H-terminal aa's --Gerlach &, 1982

Adh1 allele -Fm335, Ds-suppressed --Osterman &, 1981

Adh1 alleles -S, -S3034, -S3034a, -S3034b, restriction maps for KpnI, BamHI, BstEII, SstI, XbaI, HindIII, BglII sites --Strommer &, 1982

Cat3 not on 1L; -null allele --Goodman &, 57:129

hcf*-9 allelic to hcf*-3; hcf*-3 not allelic to hcf*-1 --Leto, 1982

hcf*-2 uncovered by TB-1La --Leto, 1982

hcf*-3 uncovered by TB-1Sb --Leto, 1982

hcf*-12 uncovered by TB-1La --Leto, 1982

hcf*-13 uncovered by TB-1La --Leto, 1982

hcf*-41 uncovered by TB-1La --Leto, 1982

Mu1 insert in Adh1; restriction sites for TthIII-1, TaqI, NotI, Bg1I, HaeIII, BstEII, AvaI, AvaII, SstII, BstNI --Freeling &, 57:13

Prot1 alleles -L, -I, -S --Kriz &, 57:13

Chromosome 2

hcf*-1 uncovered by TB-1Sb-2L4464 but not by TB-1Sb --Leto, 1982

hcf*-15 uncovered by TB-1Sb-2L4464 but not by TB-1Sb; not allelic to hcf*-1 or hcf*-3 --Leto, 1982

lg1 - 22 - gl2 - 4 - nec4 - 22 - B1; nec4 was nec*-5161B --Hoisington &, 57:159

whp1 uncovered by TB-3La-2L7285 but not by TB-3La --Modena, 57:39

ws3 - 8.8 - lg1 - 15.8 - Mut - 8.1 - Gl2 --Rhoades &, 57:17

Ht1 alleles -A, -C, -D --Raymundo &, 1982

Chromosome 3

a1-ruq allele --Friedemann &, 1982

a3 - 26 - sh* (sh2?) --Styles, 57:150

Ac2 transposed from chromosome 8, (tr-Ac2): gl6 - 22.8 - Ac2 - 8.6 - lg2 --Rhoades &, 57:18

g2 alleles g5 and pg14 (pg*-m); uncovered by TB-3Sb --Whalen, 57:20

Got1 alleles -2a, -2b --Shumaker &, 1982

hcf*-19 uncovered by TB-3Sb --Leto, 1982

hcf*-46 uncovered by TB-3La --Leto, 1982

Chromosome 4

bx1 located by monosome-4 and TB-4Sa --Simcox &, 57:107

c2 alleles -m826019, -m826021, -m826040, -m826134, -m826204, -826126, -826133, -816149, -816154, -816155 from En-bearing sources --Peterson, 57:2

Chromosome 4 (continued)

c2 putative genomic clone LC1 from W22 C1 R1 source, selected for homology to chalcone synthase of Petroselinum, hybridizes to Spm-controlled c2-m-1 DNA EcoRI fragments and to revertants

from this allele and to c2-m2 DNA and c2-m3 fragments, all of which are 800 bp larger than fragments from C2 source --Wienand &, 1982

cupule development and induction, teosinte vs. maize --Galinat, 57:152

pointed kernels, teosinte vs. maize --Galinat, 57:152

hcf*-23 uncovered by TB-4Sa --Leto, 1982

zein, 22kd, map locations near fl2, sul, gl4 --Soave &, 1982

zein, cDNA clone for 21-23kd chain hybridizes in situ to distal 1/3 of 4L, located relative to T4-6(8764), T4-9g, T4-10b; two clones for 18-20kd chain hybridize to proximal 1/3 of 4L --Viotti &, 1982

Chromosome 5

Inv5P&G - paracentric inversion in 5L of Z. diploperennis x Z. mays --Pasupuleti &, 1982

lyc1 (also called ly1) allelic to ps1, designated ps1-lyc --Robertson &, 1982

o9 tentatively located in 5L by TB tests --Fletcher, 57:150

zein mRNA, cDNA clone pcM4 hybridizes in situ to terminal 1/3 of 5L, located relative to T5-9a, T5-9c --Viotti &, 1982

Chromosome 6

hcf*-26 uncovered by TB-6Sa --Leto, 1982

hcf*-34 uncovered by TB-6Lc --Leto, 1982

l10 - 3 - w15 --Burnham, 57:168

lco1 (low crossover frequency in Y1 Dt2 interval); pl1 assorts independently --Higgins, 57:41

po1 uncovered by Dp Df from T6-9(067-6) --Phillips &, 57:132

ms4 allelic to po1 --Golubovskaya &, 1981

Chromosome 7

o2 alleles -R, -m(r), -Charentes, -Italian, -Columbian, -Agroceres, -Crow --Salamini, 1980

Px3 localized by trisome-7; Px3 - 15.4 - Pn1; sl1 - 44.4 - Px3; Tp1 - 43.0 - Px3; o2 - 56 - Px3; wx T7-9a - 41.8 - Px3 --Brewbaker, 57:49

Px3 localized by monosome-7 --Weber &, 57:108

y7 allelic to z1; vp9 redesignated y7; alleles y7-4889, y7-z, y7-Wisconsin#2 --Robertson &, 1982

zein, 20kd and 14kd, map locations near o2 and de*-B30 --Soave &, 1982

zein, cDNA clones, two for 18-20kd chains, hybridize in situ to distal 1/3 of 7S, located relative to T7-9a and T7-9(4363) --Viotti &, 1982

Chromosome 8

el1 uncovered by TB-8Lc --Curtis, 57:32

fl3 - 1.6 - pro1 --Nelson, 57:81

Idh1 distal to TB-8Lc breakpoint, Mdh1 not --Goodman &, 57:131

Chromosome 9

bz1 alleles -m826301, -m826302, -826357, -826361, -826440 from En-bearing sources --Peterson, 57:2

C1-w allele (weak) --Rhoades &, 57:16

Ds standard location C1 Wx1 Ds centromere --Rhoades &, 57:13

Inv9P&G terminal inversion in 9S of Z. diploperennis x Z. mays --Pasupuleti &, 1982

sh1 allele -826466 from En-bearing sources --Peterson, 57:2

Sh1 isoallelic polymorphisms identified with BglII; allele sh1-t standard tester allele; mutant sh1-* --Dellaporta &, 57:26

sh1 alleles -m5933, -m6233, genomic clones, relationships of breakpoints and inserted Ds --Courage-Tebbe &, 57:29

Sh1 genomic clone, restriction sites for HindIII, BglII, SphI, ClaI; 14 introns --Werr &, 57:30

Chromosome 9 (continued)

Sh1 alleles -4864A, -5245, -6233A-2, -5652, -5919-1, -6795Rev; Ds-bearing alleles sh1-m6795,

-m5933, -m6233, -m6258, -m6598; restriction map of Sh1 and Ds with AccI, BamHI, BclI, BGlII, BstEII, EcoRI, HaeII, HincIII, HindIII, PstI, PvuI, SstI, XbaI sites --Burr &, 1982

sh1 alleles -W22, -7196, -7205, -7342, -7611, -7650, -7731, -m6233, -m5933,

-bz1-m4; Sh1-W22 --Chourey, 1981

Sh1 restriction map with EcoRI, XbaI, BclI, SstI, BGlI, BglII sites --Doring &, 1981

Chromosome 10

TB-10L22 - Ef1 - TB-10L36 - Ef2 - TB-10L20 - Ef3 - TB-10L14 - (Ef4); TB's in 10L (18,19) -zn1 - (26) -du1 - (22) - (bf2, li1) - (36) - (20) - (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 25, 28, 31, 37) - (6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 24, 27, 29, 30, 34, 35, 38) - (2, 21, 23) - g1 - (32) -r1; Ef3 - (13, 15, 33) - g1 --Lin, 1982

zein cDNA clone for 18-20kd chains hybridizes in situ to distal 1/3 of 10L, with T9-10b --Viotti &, 1982


Bg (Bergamo) regulatory element; *B2h regulatory element --Salamini, 1980

Bg-in inactive regulatory element --Salamini &, 1982

d*-x - 1.35 - te* (terminal ear) --Mynbaev &, 1982

dsy1 not allelic to dsy2, afd1, as1; pam1 not allelic to pam2 --Golubovskaya &, 1981

dv1 not uncovered by TB-1Sb, TB-1La-5S8041, TB-5La, TB-6Sa, TB-7Lb, TB-9Sd --Curtis, 57:31

ed*-7-1, -G7-2, -G33, -27-1, -57-1, -64-1, -51-1, -G22, -55-1, -54-1, -56-1, -48-1, -61-1 (developmental mutants in seed) --Dolfini &, 57:93

hcf*-6 not allelic to hcf*-2; hcf*-38 not allelic to hcf*-2 --Leto, 1982

Ltr*-19 (lysine plus threonine resistance) --Hibberd &, 1982

Phi2 (phosphohexoseisomerase) isozymes --Stuber &, 57:128

Sd (South Dakota 15) regulatory element --Salamini, 1980

Tpm1 (thylakoid polypeptide modifier); "slow" form dominant to "fast" --Modena, 57:38

Uq (ubiquitous) controlling element --Friedemann &, 1982

zein cDNA clones (two of 22kd, six of 19kd, six of 15kd chains), maps of BamHI, DdeI, HaeIII, HincII, HinfI, PstI sites; base sequences of two of 22kd and one of 19kd --Marks &, 1982, & Pedersen &, 1982

zein cDNA clones (four 21kd), maps of HaeIII, HpaII, PstI, BstNI, BamHI, PvuII, HincII, PvuI, HinfI sites; homologies inter se and with a 19kd clone --Pintor-Toro &, 1982

Genomic clones

Cin1, 700bp repetitive sequence (Cinteotl, young maize god; corn insert), present on 5.7kb EcoRI fragment of McClintock Northern Flint line but not on W22 C1 R1, same fragment; map of SalI, BamHI, BglI, EcoRI, HindIII, KpnI, SstI sites --Shepherd &, 1982, & 57:158

Cin102 member of Cinl family of dispersed, repetitive sequences, 87% homology to Cinl --Shepherd &, 57:158

Teol insert, 3kb, in 8kb EcoRI fragment of Guerrero teosinte along with 5kb EcoRI fragment --Shepherd &, 57:159


tRNAile2 base sequence, and intron --Guillemaut &, 1982

map of BamHI, BglII, HindIII sites, LS-RNA, wheat homologies --Koller &, 1982

base sequences of genes for beta and epsilon subunits of CF1 --Krebbers &, 1982

tRNAleuUAA base sequence, and intron --Steinmetz &, 1982

map of restriction sites, LS, tRNA's, rRNA's; includes tRNAhis, tRNAile, tRNAala, tRNAval, 16SrRNA, 23SrRNA, IVSI, IVSII, LS, and sites of AluI, AvaII, BamHI, BglII, EcoRI, HaeIII, HhaI, HincII, HindII, HinfI, HpaII, PstI, Sau961, SmaI, TaqI --Stiles, 1982


plasmids (2.35, 1.57, 1.42, 2.2kb) variable in cms-T, cms-S, cms-C, cytopl-B37, cytopl-Ky21 --Newton, 57:139

plasmids (2.3kb linear, 1.94kb circular, 1.4kb linear) variable in stoichiometry --Smith &, 57:47

S1 and S2-homologous sequences in BamHI fragments --McNay &, 57:48

plasmids (1.5, 1.8kb), homologies to total mtDNA and mtRNA; HhaI restriction fragments --Dale, 1981

mox1 (cytochrome oxidase subunit II) contains an intervening sequence; map of HinfI, TaqI, Sau3A, BamHI, EcoRI, HindIII, MspI, HaeIII sites; base sequence --Fox &, 1981

XhoI fragment differences in cms-T vs. fertile revertants --Gengenbach &, 1982

map of rRNA26S, rRNA18S, and BamHI, PstI, SalI, HindIII, SmaI sites --Iams &, 1982

S1 and S2 homologies inter se, maps of HindIII, XhoI, EcoRI, SacI, XbaI, SalI, BamHI, BstEII sites; inverted repeats --Kim &, 1982

BamHI fragments of cms-T vs. cytopl-NC7 (xT204); 15 of 35 sequences conserved --Spruill &, 1981

map of SstII and SmaI sites, rRNA15S, rRNA18S, rRNA26S; hybridizations and cosmid frags. --Stern &, 1982

map of BamHI, ClaI, SmaI, SstI, SstII sites, cosmid fragments; homology to ctDNA repeat region carrying 16SrRNA, tRNAval, tRNAile, tRNAala; alterations in cms-C, cms-S, cms-T restriction fragments --Stern &, 1982

R1 and R2 linear elements and BamHI sites; cytopl-RU --Weissinger &, 1982

Resistance and Tolerance

anthracnose stalk rot (Colletotrichum graminicola) resistance/susceptibility; additive genetic effects accounted for 90% of total variation; heritability estimates --Carson &, 1981

anthracnose stalk rot R/S associated by translocation tests with chromosomes 1, 4, 6, 8 --Carson &, 1982

downy mildew (Peronosclerospora phillipinensis) R/S dominance vs. additivity variable with age and intensity of infection; polygenic inheritance --Kaneko &, 1981

downy mildew (Peronosclerospora serghi) R/S variation in diallel --Lima &, 1982

gray leaf spot (Cercospora zea-maydis) R/S association with chromosomes 1, 7, and/or 9 of Durango teosinte --Galinat &, 57:53

kernel rot (Fusarium moniliforme) R/S variation in diallel --King &, 1981

leaf spot (Cochliobolus carbonum = H. carbonum) R/S, additive gene effects --Hamid &, 1982

northern corn leaf blight (H. turcicum) R/S did not segregate in F2 from crosses inter se or with Ht1 sources; 15:1 segregations occurred in crosses with Ht2 source --Hooker &, 1980

northern corn leaf blight R/S polygenic, predominantly non-additive gene effects --Moura &, 1981

southern corn leaf blight (Helminthosporium maydis) T toxin exposure not lethal to hybrid fusion protoplasts of cms-T with normal --Earle, 1982

southern corn leaf blight R/S to race 0, 58.8% of variation due to additive effects --Saxena &, 1981

Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus R/S to strain A, estimates of 1, 2, 3 genes --Scott &, 1982

Maize Streak Virus R/S simply inherited in some progenies --Soto &, 1982

Alachlor tolerance/susceptibility; non-additive genetic effects --Francis &, 1980

Eradicane R/S intermediate in hybrids --Landi &, 1981

Glyphosate T/S differences in 240 F2 hybrid tests --Andersen &, 1982

Diclofop T/S differences in F2 hybrid tests --Andersen &, 1982


Ligate's Corner

Candidate Clone: Sequence not yet elect

Gnomic Clone: Sequence from a pygmy or brachytic locus


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