wx alleles newly originated from an En-containing plot

In a search for newly originated wx alleles, an isolation plot with genetic makeup with respect to anthocyanin genes C-I C-I R R A2 A2 A A C2 C2 En En was crossed by a C sh bz wx pollen parent. Five wx kernels were found and these were rescued in confirmatory tests for the authenticity of the pollen parent and the wx phenotype. Each of these does not show mutability, but extensive tests have not been concluded that would uncover very few, late changes (such late, infrequent spotting has been found among several of our c2-m isolates but the c2-m is very readily confirmed.)

These five wx alleles are: wx-836605, wx-836608, wx-836610, wx-836616, and wx-836617. Each of these wx alleles can be distinguished from the wx tester allele in a colorimetric assay

These five wx alleles originated at the rate of one in 7.8 x 105 kernels.

Peter A. Peterson and Jean Cormack

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