An autonomous En-controlled mutable, bz-826301

The En relationship (MNL57:2) has been confirmed by the following series of crosses:

#1 bz-m826301 x Bz a2-m(r)
#2 Colored F1 x a2 bt gave a2 variegated, a2 non-variegated
#3 a2 variegated x bz gave 44 variegated bz, 0 non-variegated bz
a2 non-variegated x bz gave 2 variegated bz, 27 non-variegated bz.

The two exceptions are being tested for seed classification verification.

A consistent low frequency of bz stables arises in testcrosses. These are being tested for En content as possible bz-m(nr) types.

Peter A. Peterson

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