New c mutants: test of system relationship

Out of 1.86 x 106 kernels produced in the 1980 c sh wx isolation plot, four c mutants were obtained. In addition, there was also one c confirmed mutant obtained from a similar plot in 1979 which produced 3.1 x 106 kernels. Both plots contained a-ruq and Uq.

The mutants are:

c-m816665--spotted on a colorless background, Uq-controlled (see Table 2), Uq segregates independently of c locus

c-m816666--spotted on a colorless background, system relationship unknown

c-m816667--see previous note and Table 1

c-st817086--colorless, not responsive to Uq, responsiveness to other systems unknown

c-m804655--colored to colorless sectors, system relationship unknown

Currently system tests are being made for c-m816666, c-st817086, and c-m804655.

Table 2.

Elizabeth Oberthur and Peter A. Peterson

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