Location of pro in relation to Bif

The pro mutant, a proline requiring recessive lethal, has been located on chromosome 8 by means of crosses with a set of B-A translocations (MNL 52:66-67) on a region not uncovered by the TB-8a translocation. The recombination between the mutant and the breakpoint amounts to 27.2% (MNL 53:63). Here we present data on the location of the mutant in relation to a dominant gene mutant affecting the morphology of the male inflorescence. The mutant, known to lie on chromosome 8 but not yet located as to map position, is symbolized Bif (Barren Inflorescence). Females heterozygous for pro were crossed to +/Bif males. Progeny plants pro +/+ Bif in genotype were outcrossed to normal female parents, progeny grown, classified for Bif and selfed to establish their pro constitution. The following results were obtained:
Bif + + pro Bif pro + +  n
54 53 17 11 135

They lead to an estimate of 20.7 (20/135 x 100) map units distance between pro and Bif.

G. Gavazzi, G. Todesco and M. G. Neuffer

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