Brown's cytoplasmic type

In 1961 W. L. Brown reported a cytoplasmic type in corn characterized by greatly reduced plant height and general vigor, together with many short fine white streaks on the leaves. He introduced the genome of several standard lines into this cytoplasm without modifying the original phenotypic pattern. I have made additional attempts to find a restorer for this unusual syndrome. As only the more normal plants within the affected class produce seed, the line by line approach was discarded in favor of a shotgun approach. Pollen was collected, repeatedly, throughout my nursery and applied to silks of the cytoplasmic type. In 1982, one normal plant was observed in the progeny of such crosses. Selfed and backcross progeny grown in 1983 suggested that a restoration type phenomenon was involved. Due to poor stands and the unfavorable season, the data on restoration are probably inadequate but inheritance of restoration appears to be simple, possibly due to a single gene. The symbols (cgh) - cytoplasmic growth habit - and Rgh (restorer) are suggested.

G. F. Sprague

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