Alleles at the lty1 locus

The lty1-16 allele (light yellow endosperm-case 16) is the only allele studied thus far (only five have been studied) which increases grain yield in a hybrid combination. In the Oh43 lty1-16xOh551 hybrid (control = Oh43xOh551) the pleiotropic vigor effects are as follows: 1.2% decrease in days to silk, 1.7% increase in plant height, 5.0% increase in 100 kernel weight, 3.1% increase in per plant grain yield, 0.5% increase in ear length, 0.8% decrease in ear diameter, 3.7% decrease in kernel row number, no significant difference in number of kernels per plant or ears per plant. Two other alleles have been produced and isolated at the lty1 locus, namely lty1-17 and lty1-19. Studies in progress indicate that the three alleles will differ with respect to pleiotropic vigor effects.

E. J. Dollinger

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