A recessive brown aleurone mutant (brn)

A self-pollinated ear from a Mu outcross population was found to be segregating for dark brown seeds in an approximate three to one ratio. The parent stock of this mutant is c c r r. Soaked brown seeds were dissected and the aleurone was found to be dark brown. The corneous endosperm frequently showed a slight tinge of brown pigmentation. The scutellum was also brown.

Yellow and brown seeds from the original ear were sown, and the plants were self-pollinated and outcrossed to my yellow standard line (c c r r). The germination of the brown seeds was very poor, and the few green plants that came up were very weak and died soon after emerging. Thus the trait appears to be a lethal. Pooled results from the selfs of several heterozygous ears gave 485 yellow:146 brown seeds. Of the 34 plants from the yellow seeds that were tested, 21 were heterozygous for brn. Thus, the limited data we have suggest it is indeed a lethal recessive aleurone mutant. I would be happy to supply anyone interested in this mutant with seeds of outcrosses made from heterozygous plants last summer.

Donald S. Robertson

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