Confirmation of chromosome arm locations for seedling and kernel mutants

In past newsletters (MNL:45:144, 46:131, 47:148 and 48:117) we have reported the arm location for many of the EMS-induced mutants on the basis of a single test. Experience in our laboratory and information from several collaborators, to whom we sent groups of mutants, indicates that some of the locations were incorrect. To validate our earlier work, we crossed 108 presumably located seedling mutants by the appropriate B-A stock. Of the 108, a total of 84 received an adequate test. Forty-eight were confirmed in their original location and 36 were in doubt. Among the 36 unlocated seedling mutants, 7 had clear mutant phenotypes and the other 29 mutant phenotypes were not clear. Locations on 2S were not tested because the wrong B-A stock was used.

The defective kernel mutants have been given a more exhaustive test, and many have been tested at least twice. The results of these tests are listed in Table 2.

Table 1.

Table 2.

M-T. Chang, M. G. Neuffer and W. F. Sheridan

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