Elimination of superscripts in the designation of B-A and A-B elements derived from B-A translocations

Because of numerous difficulties we and others have encountered in using superscripts in designation of the two reciprocal elements of B-A translocations, we propose to keep all characters on-line. For TB-4Sa, for example, the B4 and 4B elements (or chromosomes) can be designated the B-4 (or B-4Sa) and the 4-B elements, respectively, without loss of clarity.

These usages are being applied in the current News Letter; if you see problems with this form, or have other suggestions, we would like to hear from you.

J. B. Beckett and E. H. Coe Jr.

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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