Change of designation: Clt*-985 and Bif-1440

The EMS-induced dominant short plant mutant (D*-985) reported earlier (MNL 51:59-60) as being located on chromosome 8 resembles in several aspects the clumped tassel dwarf mutant reported by Gelinas et al., Amer. J. Bot. 53:615. The D*-985 phenotype is a short plant, clumped tassel with normal anthers and pollen, and a smaller but well set ear. The leaves often have "lineate" like flecks of pale green on the leaf blade near the base. Since this description fits that of the original mutant (L. F. Bauman, pers. commun.), our designation should be changed from D*-985 to Clt*-985.

Another EMS-induced dominant mutant (located on chromosome 8) designated thin tassel (Tht*-1440) can be described as having a barren inflorescence. The mutant phenotype is the absence of many florets from both the tassel and the ear. It is therefore better designated as barren inflorescence with the gene symbol Bif1.

M. G. Neuffer

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