Grassy tillers, gt, tentatively located on the short arm of chromosome one

A line homozygous for grassy tillers was crossed to the waxy reciprocal translocation series in 1981. The segregating progenies were grown in Grinnell, Iowa in 1983. Zero grassy tiller plants were observed among 30 waxy segregates from the cross gt gt x wx T1-9c (1S.48; 9L.22), thus indicating that gt is located on the short arm of chromosome one. The lowest number of gt gt plants observed in any other progeny was 5 out of 30. This observation is tentative for a number of reasons. Due to unfavorable climatic conditions, fewer than the desired number of plants grew to a readable stage. More importantly, grassy tillers is known to vary widely in penetrance (Tracy and Everett, MNL 56:77-78) and this may be a factor even though wx T1-9c has the same background as most of the other wx translocations used in this experiment. Further testing will be carried out to confirm these results. (Thanks to Paul Sisco for making the original gt gt x wx translocation crosses.)

W. F. Tracy

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