Iojap cytoplasmic male steriles

Male sterile plants from iojap crosses were characterized on the basis of agarose gel electrophoresis of mitochondrial DNA, cms restoration patterns, and injection of Helminthosporium maydis Race T toxin. Both cms-S and cms-T male sterile plants were isolated from these crosses. The cms-S sterile line was derived from a single (R181 x ij ij) F2 plant. The cms-T sterile lines were found in the genotype (W182BN x ij ij) x W182BN BC1. Additional crosses were made in the 1983 nursery between iojap males (pollinators) to the following non-restorers of cms as females: SD10, CO107, R181, Oh51A, RD4501, W182E, MS71, RD5502, and RD6501. The progeny from these crosses will be studied to look for new cms steriles. All steriles will be further characterized by restriction endonuclease analysis and stability of the cms trait under field conditions.

C. A. Lemke, V. E. Gracen and H. L. Everett

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