During 1983 there were 167 seed requests and 1,927 seed packets were sent. This was the highest figure ever. Domestic requests amounted to 146 for 1392 packets while there were 21 foreign requests for 167 packets.

The estimated uses of the seed were distributed among the following categories:

Geneticists 52%

Physiologists 15%

Breeders 13%

Educators 4%

Genetic Engineers 16%

This is the second time that the category of Genetic Engineers has been used. These requests this year amounted to over one and a half times that of the previous year.

Progress continues in our efforts to get the entire inventory on the computer terminal. Other aspects of our operation are being computerized at a good clip.

The following listing shows the stocks that are available. Translocation stocks are listed in the 1981 News Letter.

Requests for seed and information should be sent to:

Dr. Gilbert B. Fletcher

Department of Agronomy

University of Illinois

S-123 Turner Hall

1102 South Goodwin Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801

Ah, el novio no quiere dinero

Oh, the bridegroom doesn't want money he wants a bride with a good field of maize. I've come to wish them joy and prosperity and all manner of good things

Oh, the bridegroom doesn't want ducats; he wants a bride whose maize grows tall. I've come to wish them....

Oh, the groom wants no fine bracelets; he wants a bride who'll took happy withal. I've come to wish them....

--A song from the Sephardic Jewish tradition


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