A dominant color allele, C-m(r), responsive to a specific Uq

In evaluating the Rhoades-Dempsey "Hi-loss" lines (MGCNL 56:21) for mobile elements, a Uq was found. This was evident in the initial cross c-ruq x C Uq, where the progeny showed colored kernels with spots. The spots resulted from the Uq-Hi-loss on c-ruq and appeared in the c-ruq/c-ruq/C Uq endosperm. At first, it appeared that this C was not able to express full dominance in these kernels though in crosses with another C allele, no spots were evident.

On testing these colored kernels with spots from the cross c-ruq/c-ruq x C/c-ruq Uq/-, the following progeny were observed.

The colored-no spots kernels are clearly distinguishable from the colored-spots kernels. Unless there is a closely linked color suppressor with Uq, it appears there is a coincident suppression of this C allele by Uq. It is similar in phenotype and effect with the A-m(r) alleles found in the Cuna series (MGCNL 50:59).


Peter A. Peterson

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