vp1 linkage with B-A translocations

In crosses of B-A translocations (provided by J.B. Beckett) with the recessive mutant vp-m451, the kernels will be dormant and spotted or viviparous and colored when vp-m451 is distal to the translocation. Tests were conducted as follows:
TB-3La  uncovered
TB-3Lc  not uncovered
TB-3Ld uncovered
TB-3Lf no test
TB-3Lg uncovered
TB-3Lh uncovered
TB-3Li not uncovered
TB-3Lj not uncovered
TB-3Lk not uncovered
TB-3Ll not uncovered
TB-3Lm not uncovered

TB-3La, d, g, and h were previously known to uncover vp1 (Beckett MNL 58:73); TB-3Lc was previously known not to uncover vp1 (Beckett MNL 55:27). The best estimate is that vp1 is located between lg2 and ts4 on the long arm of chromosome 3.

Brian E. Scheffler and Peter A. Peterson

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