Twelve new isozyme loci in maize: Progress report on chromosomal locations, the subunit composition, and subcellular localization of their products

To improve the degree to which the corn genome is biochemically marked, we have expanded the number of enzyme systems analyzed by starch gel electrophoresis. Seven new enzyme systems encoded by a minimum of 16 loci have been added to the 23 loci used for previous work in our laboratory. A wide range of domestic and exotic maize has been screened for variation at these new loci and genetic analysis of variant electromorphs is well under way. Crosses with B-A translocation stocks (kindly provided by Jack Beckett), previously mapped allozyme loci, and in a few cases morphological markers, are being studied in order to elucidate the chromosomal locations of these new loci. Organelle extractions have been helpful in determining the subcellular location of the encoded products. A summary description of the new loci and their products is presented in Table 1.

Table 1. New isozyme loci in maize, subunit composition and subcellular localization.

J. F. Wendel, C. W. Stuber, and M. M. Goodman

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