Linkage data for 2L and 4L mutants

The following 2-point linkage data were obtained from F2 repulsion crosses. The % recombination was calculated using the product method.


In addition to the above mutants, good expression and 3:1 segregations can be obtained with the 2L mutants pgspt*-278B, pgspt*-464, mn*-1120A, wlvpg*-424 and cpfl*-1024A. However, the 2L mutants pg*-330A, rgh*-786A, and o*-999A and the 4L mutants dek8, ptd*-1130A and et*-516C show poor expression and/or penetrance. Our inclination is to follow Marcus Rhoades' advice for such bad genes. "Don't map them!"

Sheila McCormick and Arlene Barnason

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