Flavonoids in brown pericarps

Both a P-RR and a r-ch Pl have brown pericarps when mature (as compared to the red and cherry pericarps of the A P-RR and A r-ch Pl genotypes, respectively). Methanol extracts of mature a P-RR pericarps contain flavones, and extracts of a r-ch Pl contain flavonols. Just prior to the formation of the brown pigments, extracts of a P-RR R-r pericarps have flavones, flavanones, chalcones and aurones, but no flavonols. Extracts of a P-WR r-ch pericarp at the same stage have large quantities of flavonols, but none of the flavones, flavanones, chalcones and aurones found with a P-RR R-r.

O. Ceska and E. D. Styles

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