Mapping hcf mutants: progress report

The F2 progenies have been generated (summer 1984) for crosses performed the previous summer to test linkage of all known hcf loci (seven) on the 1L chromosome arm with f an, gs, and bm2. The loci used are listed in MGNL 58:65 (1984). Both f and an have unambiguous seedling phenotypes in the material I am using, and data for the linkage of hcf loci with f and an should be available for the next Newsletter. The markers bm2 and gs are not expressed at an early seedling stage and to determine linkage to these loci, outcrosses will be made to a standard inbred line using material segregating these markers and an hcf allele. The F2 progenies will be analyzed and data used to establish a gene order and preliminary assessment of linkage. Analogous crosses were performed in the summer of 1984 for material segregating hcf19, ys3, lg2 and et and for material segregating hcf18, bm, pr and ys. The F2 progenies for this material will be available in the fall of 1985.

M. Polacco

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