Position of loci on chromosome 3L with respect to B-A translocations

1984 field tests of +/pm1, +/ba1 and +/na1, crossed by several B-A translocations on the long arm of chromosome 3, yielded the following information:
  pm1 ba1 na1
TB-3La uncovered (uncovered) (uncovered)
TB-3Lf uncovered uncovered  uncovered
TB-3Lg uncovered  uncovered  
TB-3Ld not uncovered (uncovered)  (uncovered)
TB-3Li not uncovered uncovered uncovered
TB-3Lc not uncovered (uncovered)  (uncovered)
TB-3Lh    not uncovered
TB-3Lk not uncovered    
TB-3Ll not uncovered  not uncovered not uncovered
TB-3Lm not uncovered    

Results of crossing ba1 and na1 by TB-3La, -3Lc, and -3Ld, reported in NL 49:130, are included parenthetically for completeness.

The translocations are listed in the table above in the approximate order of their breakpoints on 3L, but further testing is required to establish order of breakpoints and position with respect to marker genes.

J. B. Beckett

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