Establishment of homozygous B-A translocation stocks

Eleven B-A translocations have been obtained in homozygous form. Most were produced by self-pollinating F1's involving marker genes on the same chromosome as the translocation. These translocation stocks are as follows:
TB-3Sb TB-7Lb
TB-3La TB-8Lc
TB-4Sa TB-9Sb
TB-4Lf TB-10Sc
TB-6Sa TB-10L19

All of these stocks have been crossed onto the vigorous F1 hybrid Mo17 Ht x B68 and seed is available for distribution. Please note, however, that the hypoploid progeny of these crosses will not carry the full B-A translocation and should not be used for uncovering mutant genes, etc.

In addition to the above stocks, the following homozygous translocation stocks have been obtained from other research workers (some are still in the process of being confirmed):
TB-1Sb W. C. Galinat
TB-1Sb-2L4464 D. S. Robertson
TB-4Sa W. C. Galinat
TB-4Sa W. C. Galinat (2nd stock)
TB-7Lb A. Ghidoni via R. H. Whalen
TB-9Sb A. Ghidoni via R. H. Whalen
TB-10La W. C. Galinat
TB-10La J. Kermicle

Most homozygous stocks are weak and shed little pollen, so they are unsatisfactory for many uses. However, hybrids of translocations in different backgrounds should be more vigorous. It is planned to increase all homozygous translocation stocks, intercross for vigor if possible, and pollinate inbred lines and F1's by the homozygous translocations. Whenever vigorous B-A stocks or hybrids can be produced, they will be pollinated by inbred lines to produce seed that will give vigorous plants that are certain to carry the desired translocation.

When sufficient seed of these homozygous stocks is available, they will be sent to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center for further increase and distribution. Homozygous stocks received from others will not be distributed unless the requester has obtained permission from the deriver.

We would appreciate receiving additional homozygous B-A translocation stocks from anyone who has them.

J. B. Beckett and Bryan Kindiger

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